Reach Consumers
Not Bots

Trupath detects, blocks,
and blacklists online ad fraud.

What We Do

Trupath identifies, blocks, and categorizes invalid traffic, click fraud, impression fraud, and non-human traffic.

With advanced algorithms and a team of data analysts offering a combined 40 years' experience fighting bots, we illuminate the path to consumers while blocking the intrusion of non-human impressions.

Our data scientists come from some of the oldest and most respected anti-virus and traffic validation companies, working together to create a new approach to targeting ad fraud. This new open platform was created with an eye towards transparency, and therefore we proactively share our blacklist with our competitors, clients, and publishers.

TruPath Guarantee

How It Works

Our simple JavaScript code can easily be placed directly on your site, within your ad tech platform, within email newsletters, or directly inserted into content.

Real-time impression scores and relevant information regarding data sets and IP reputation feedback allow you to integrate seamlessly. Let our account management team help you with your unique custom integration.

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